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pen•ny aw•ful: (noun) a cheap, sensational comic or storybook. (also called penny dreadfulpenny horriblepenny number and penny blood)

Eventually this website will be publishing stories with illustrations that you can read for free by visiting or buy the story for your e-reader. We will make every effort to price the stories to make them comparable to trade paperbacks or a little less…


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New Art from Sid Bussell

Sid Bussell ( has accepted a commission from me to illustrate the Jack and Giles novelette, a total of 13 illustrations! ^_^ The first illustration, Jack on her GRE motorcycle, has been posted in the text of the story.


Jack's Steam Punk Cycle by Sid Bussell  2014 Jack’s GRE Steam Punk Cycle        by Sid Bussell 2014

Concept sketches by Sid Bussell.

  1. Jack on GRE cycle (done and posted)
  2. Arrival deck of the Star of Dublin
  3. The Captain’s Mess
  4. Shootout in the engine pod
  5. Captain’s Mess “it was a wee cunt-splice that done in ‘Kodiak’ Purcell?”
  6. The Popov lighting detector “I know how they are doing it.”
  7. The radio room—Rope verse knife in the steering gear room
  8. The hanged man
  9. Princess in the cheep cabin
  10. Mack and Jack running to the rescue
  11. Facing down Mr. Green; he has Giles’s M1894 Steyr Mannlicher!!
  12. Le Café de L’Enfer, Hell’s Café


They will be come out in batches of three, and I’m personally excited how Sid will interpret each scene…



Sid has been kind enough to let me use some of his concept sketches… one is now used as the header illustration.

Thankyou to the 50…

I had hoped that in these intervening months that I would get csome feedback in the form of comments… What I’ve recieved is ~200 spam comments a week, *sigh*, nothing else.

Thanks to a statistics plug-in, I know that 50 individuals are peeping in a day with a 100 total peeps a day. I take solace that all that peeping could not be all spammer robots. In fact I choose to believe that all 50 are those interested in my poor prose…

so to those 50 individuals

Thank You!